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Does My Homeowners or Renters Policy Cover Me During a Move?

October 3, 2016 by Landers Admin in News

Does My Homeowners or Renters Policy Cover Me During a Move?

It’s natural to wonder if all your stuff would be protected during the chaos of a move.

Your first line of defense should be your mover’s insurance. A good moving company will have its own insurance in case an item is stolen, lost or damaged in transit. (Having coverage for when things are accidentally damaged is especially important since many homeowners and renters policies do not cover move-related incidents like accidentally dropping and damaging an item.) Your contract (yes, you definitely need a contract with your moving company) should stipulate the kind of insurance the mover has and the limit of liability.

But what happens if you find out too late that your mover doesn’t have enough coverage? Or if you’re moving everything yourself? In these instances, your own homeowners policy can serve as a backup if something is stolen, lost or damaged. Coverage for your items will depend on whether you have named or comprehensive perils coverage for your personal property. (Keep in mind that your homeowners or renters deductible will still apply and that there are limits for certain kinds of lost or stolen personal property like jewelry, trading cards and more.)

No matter what your situation may be, it’s important to talk with an insurance professional like an Erie Insurance agent several weeks before your move to learn how your policy would work in these situations. Also, you’ll want to get coverage on your new digs ASAP. An Erie Insurance agent in your community can help make sure your stuff is protected during a move—and in your new home, sweet, home. (Also check out our tips on how to have a hassle-free move.)


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